A GP takes notes while talking to a patient about a health management plan

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A thorough assessment forms the basis of an accurate diagnosis of your complaint.

Thorough history taking and examination is time consuming, but cannot be replaced if good outcomes are to be achieved. We cannot provide this service without taking the appropriate time.

We always book a half hour appointment for all new injuries, chronic injuries, second opinions, and pain management assessments. Medico-legal opinions require longer appointments.


Following this assessment, the diagnosis may be obvious or very likely. On many occasions treatment can be initiated straight away. On other occasions, special tests will be required to make a firm diagnosis or exclude serious diagnoses.

Our Team

Dr Susan du Plessis is a family GP
Dr. Susan du Plessis
Dr Susan du Plessis studied Medicine at the University of Western Australia, graduating in 2000. She completed her hospi...
Dr. Susan du Plessis