At Synergy Sports Medicine, we aim to provide a high level of expertise in sports medicine to the people of the South West of Western Australia.

We offer specialised sports medicine expertise to all groups of people in the region. We aim to provide the highest level of care to elite sports people, the weekend warriors and those exercising for fitness or enjoyment alike. This expertise also allows us to provide specialised assessment and recommendations for the less active person who might have an injury through work or age.

We have a strong belief in the following ideals:

In our attempt to provide a high level of resources for the South West, we are very pleased to provide equipment to our patients that is otherwise unavailable in the South West. Such equipment includes the availability of Steroid Iontophoresis, Compartment Pressure Testing and Radial Shock Wave Therapy.

We can also provide diagnostic ultrasound services as well as ultrasound guided injections.


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